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Picsart vs canva, If we compare these two editing platforms, it is very difficult to say which platform holds the key to unleashing your artistic genius? No Problem, we are here to explain all the qualities of both software and explain all the features and tools. So, Canva has user-friendly interface & the strength of Picsart depend on Cool filters and pixel magic. This artical is based on comparison of picsart vs canva. First exploring all the things in detail then take a decision which Tool is perfect for you.

Picsart vs Canva, both editors are best in the world but both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Picsart is one of the best editing software in the world. Picsart offers you a lot of features with amazing tools, filters, effects, overlays ,masking and many more. Picsart provides the user-friendly interface and makes every feature easy to use for the users. Picsart is compatible with all devices like Android, IOS and PC as well. You can download picsart in all of these devices, and also the downloading and installation process are very easy. With all these amazing features picsart is top of the list of editors in the world. 

Furthermore, picsart provides a learning environment where you can learn and share your work. By joining the Picsart Built-in community where lots of editors share their art and you can learn from others editors and also showcase your art.

Canva is also amazing editing software and allows users to create a wide range of visual content. Canva offers amazing features and a user-friendly interface with lots of functionality. You can easily access a library of Templates, images, Graphics, and fonts to create your design. 

Canva also provides amazing tools for editing photos, adding text and you can easily make connections with your team members. Canva is easy to use for newbies, and can use canva in mobiles and web based platforms.

Picsart vs Canva, both are popular editing software in the world but both have their own strengths. Here is the comparison of some key features of both platforms.

Picsart is the best editor application for all newbies or professionals. Picsart offers you lots of amazing features and tools for your creativity.



4.9 Rating

Picsart offers you lots of amazing features and tools.

Photo editing:

Picsart offers you lots of amazing tools for editing and enhancing your photos with easy access.

Drawing tool:

In Picsart you can create your own artwork directly, using drawing tools and brushes.

Effects & Filters:

PicsArt offers you different collections of effects,filters,overlays for your work. You can easily use these all elements and make your artwork amazing.

Collage maker:

If you want to add multiple photos in one frame, picsart offers you a collage maker feature in which you can easily add 2 or more photos in a single collage.

Social media platforms:

Picsart connects you with all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Telegram etc. you can share your editing photos directly on social media platforms.


 PicsArt provides a learning environment called community where you share your artwork and learn from other editors. You also found new content from the community.

Canva is also a perfect editing software where you can easily learn and make your work beautiful. Canva offers you lots of amazing features and tools. In canva you can add filters, effects and layers easily because canva provides a user-friendly interface.



4.5 Rating

Canva offers you lots of amazing features and tools.



Canva provides you lots of templates for different purposes like Social media Graphics, Posters, flyers and more. 

Design Elements:

Canva provides you a wide range of design elements such as Icons, shapes, Fonts and more. You easily use these elements for your work

User-friendly interface:

Canva provides you a free playground in which you can easily drag and drop the elements onto the canvas to create your art.

Downloading Formats:

You can download your design in different formats (PGN, JPEG, PDF) easily.

Uploading Option:

Canva gives you a direct uploading option. You can directly upload your work on social media in this app.

PicsArt offers you an easy and straight way to access all the features and tools. In PicsArt you can effortlessly drag and drop filters, effects and stickers to add a unique touch. All the things in PicsArt are at your finger tap. 

On the other hand if we talk about Canva interface, Canva is a user-friendly Graphics designer helper. In canva you can easily choose colours, easy text and also use templates. Canva is also best for social media posting or presentations. 

Picsart vs Canva, both are user-friendly but picsart provides you easy access as compared to canva. Now, it is your choice which one is best for your editing skills.

Picsart is the best editor application for all newbies or professionals. Picsart offers you lots of amazing features and tools for your creativity..



Picsart offers you to directly share your editing work on all social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter and other platforms. You can also share your work in the picsart community section to collaborate with others.


Picsart offers you to directly save your work on your device in different formats like PNG and JPEG. If you have a premium subscription you can also save your project in cloud storage.

picsart vs canva



In Canva you can share your work directly on all social media platforms. If you want collaboration with others or allowing others to view your design, Canva offers you to create a shareable link.


In Canva you can save your project in all different formats such as PNG,JPEG, PDF and more on your device. Canva offers you cloud storage option if you have a premium subscription. Additionally, you can print your design through canva directly.

Both Canva & PicsArt offer you easy to use options for saving and sharing processes. Canva offers you more collaboration features But picsart offers you strong community aspects for sharing ,saving and engagement.


Free Version:

You can use the free version of canva but in the free version Canva offers you limited features including Templates, Design Elements and storage.

Canva Pro:

The premium version of Canva is Called Canva pro. The premium version can offer you additional features to access Premium Templates, collaborations Tools and unlimited storage. You can get Canva Pro on Monthly and Annual subscription.

Canva Enterprise:

If you want a large organisation plan with premium features and advanced security control and custom brand, you can get all of these things in Canva Enterprise plan.

picsart vs canva


Free Version:

In the free version of PicsArt you can get basic features, editing tools, stickers, filters and limited access to premium content.

PicsArt Premium:

The PicsArt premium plan offers access to unlimited editing tools, advanced features, premium fonts and unlimited premium content.

PicsArt Gold:

In PicsArt Gold subscription plan you can get access to use a wide range of filters, effects, stickers and unlimited premium content.  In this plan, PicsArt removes ads and also offers you additional features and advanced editing tools. PicsArt Gold subscriptions are available on a Monthly and Annual basis.

Both Editing software offers a free version and premium subscription plan. Premium subscription plan in Canva, is based on individual and team needs. On the other hand, PicsArt premium subscription offers you access to advanced tools and features at a lower price.



Editing Photos:

The capability of picsart in photo editing is very strong. It offers you a wide range of templates, filters, effects for enhancing your photos.


PicsArt provides you lots of premium features and tools like filters, brushes, effects and more for unleashing your creativity.

Free Version:

In the free version of PicsArt you access maximum features and tools free of cost.


PicsArt community section provides you a learning ground where you can participate in contests and challenges and also share your art.


PicsArt provides you a user-friendly interface for your creativity.



The strength of PicsArt is strong for mobile but if you are a Desktop user it may be limited for you.

Limited Templates:

PicsArt provides you limited templates as compared to Canva.

In-App Purchases:

PicsArt is free for you but premium assets of PicsArt are not available in the free version.

picsart vs canva




Canva provides you a User-friendly interface. Making it easy for beginners and also professionals.


Canva offers you lots of templates for your different design. Including posters, presentations, social media graphics and more.

Brand Kit:

Canva Brand kit feature is best for branding. It allows you to create and save brand specific colors, fonts and logos for your brand.


If you want to collaborate with others, Canva collaborations feature makes it easy for you to collaborate with a team on projects.

Stock library:

Canva offers you access to a huge library for stocking your photos.


Editing Features:

The editing features of Canva are not advanced as compared to PicsArt.

Subscription cost:

Canva offers you a free version, but for premium assets you must require a paid subscription, which might not be feasible for everyone.

Internet Connection:

The main drawback is, some features of canva require internet connection.

PicsArt vs Canva, both are high level editing software but both have their own strengths. PicsArt provides you with an easy and cool environment for your creativity. On other hand Canva is known as a superhero of easy design. Canva offers you a wide range of templates for quick design. If you want detailed edits then PicsArt is the best option for you. Canva is best for simple and quick design. It’s on your choice which one suits your art of creativity. 

picsart vs canva, PicsArt is best for you as compared to Canva.

PicsArt offers you lots of features and tools for your detailed creativity with a user-friendly interface.

Yes, Canva includes the watermark on your design in the free version.

Canva offers you lots of features, templates, drag and drop design tools and more.

Because canva provides you Use-friendly interface, collaboration features, templates library for your quick design and Brand kit feature for your band.

Yes, you can use Canva in mobile App but some features of Canva require internet Connection.

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